What type of evaluation do I need?

This depends on its purpose. If the purpose is to continue with further studies in the U.S., you would probably need a course by course evaluation of your foreign education. It is advisable to contact the agency or institution for which the report is to be used in order to determine which report is required and to confirm that the report will be accepted.

If the purpose is to obtain a H1-B visa, you will need an educational evaluation or professional work experience evaluation depending upon the level of your education in the specialty occupation of intended employment. You should consult with an immigration attorney prior to submitting your application.

If I have more than one degree or diploma, how much will the evaluation report cost?

The evaluation fee is set by the type of evaluation requested, not by the number of degrees or diplomas one has. If you are requesting an educational evaluation the standard processing fee is $50.00 regardless of the number of degrees or diplomas. For a course by course evaluation, the standard processing fee is $150.00. For a professional work experience evaluation, the standard processing time is $200.00.

Are evaluation reports prepared by IEE accepted by the USCIS and schools?

IEE evaluation reports follow the set of stated criteria by the USCIS and are continuously accepted by the USCIS and academic and non-academic institutions.

What if I present new information that needs to be included into the evaluation report, will there be a fee for a revised evaluation report?

Yes. A revision to an evaluation based on new information is considered as a new evaluation.

Do you need my documents to be translated?

Yes. You can have them translated by your own professional certified translator or you can use our translator specialists. Click here to download our translation application.

Why should I use your service?

We provide the most precise, professional foreign credential evaluations for the lowest cost in the industry. You will find our fees and services to be very reasonable and reliable. We also have one of the friendliest, helpful, bilingual staff at IEE.

Can I have my evaluations/documents sent to me via overnight?

If you would like to receive your report via overnight or priority mail delivery, you can do so at an additional cost. For overnight delivery, add $25.00 to the processing fee. For priority mail, add $8.00 to the processing fee.

Where should I mail the required document to?

If you are going to mail the required documents by postal mail such as the United States Postal Service (USPS), use the following address:

P.O. Box 545863
Surfside, FL 33154

If you are going to mail the required documents by courier service such as UPS, FedEx or DHL, use the following address:

250 95th St.
Surfside, FL 33154

How long does it take for my evaluation to be completed?

Most evaluations are prepared in ten business days from the time we receive all the required documents including the application form(s), academic credentials, and payment. Evaluations which require extensive research and correspondence may take longer to prepare.

What if I submit documents for a translation and/or an evaluation when IEE office is closed?

We will consider the first day of service the day we resume operations.